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About Us:

The name originates from  the original Biblical name of Yesu (Iesu) which was changed to Jesus less than 300 years ago within the English speaking nations.  Yesu and Yahweh are names given from heaven. This website is therefore named after Our Great Savior Jesus. These fashionable clothes on our website are for many different occasions especially for Church, Weddings & Business/Career.  We believe our Saviour Yesu is Beautiful and Great and everything that comes from him should be as such.  Hence adorning these fashionable designs for church and every Special occasion showing the world we are blessed and our looks reflecting our blessings.  We  are a peculiar people as children of God, and the way that we eat, walk, speak, dress, and groom ourselves should draw us and those around us to a loftier life.  Looking good and feeling good is the goal of

Our Employees

Satisfaction of our customers is our priority.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and our services.  We guarantee that you are getting the best merchandise at a good price.  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

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We have been interested in filling the void in this clothing industry - poor customer service etc... This is a Christian based business and we believe in doing unto others what we want to be done to us.  Hence, providing you with the best service we can at this great price.

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